The eyeliner is just a cosmetic used to define the contour of the eyes. It is applied around it to produce a number of aesthetic illusions. The eyeliners have multiple presentations, and their task would be to highlight the appearance to the fullest.There are numerous types of eyeliners, among these we have:Eyeliner in pencil, is the most common and most used, its usually soft and user friendly and distribute, it is great for lower lashes, inner corners and fill tabs with each other to appear thick. This type of eyeliner gives you an impeccable look, when you yourself have practice this delineated is performed in minutes. It serves to emphasize the smoky eyes and fade instantly. They are perfect for beginners as they allow you to quickly delineate without any major errors.Recommendations:.-When you start using pencil eyeliner, try several versions until you discover the one that best suits your style, you will find wood or plastic pencils on the market..-Introdúcelos in the refrigerator for starters hour before sharpening, making sure to utilize a high quality pencil sharpener..-Water-proof pencils are simpler to blur or to complete smoked..-The life of a pen goes from 1 to 3 years.Liquid eyeliners: This type of eyeliners serve to create perfect strokes, give precise lines in top of the eyelids, do not fade not mix, are waterproof or long lasting. For the application of the eyeliner requires experience to avoid making mistakes that as opposed to looking amazing eyes with makeup in beauty could be the opposite.Recommendations:.-Make points close to the foot of the tabs and then review to form the outline..-When the eyes are sensitive, you need to be careful when using this kind of eyeliner, because you could have some sort of allergies in its use.Gel or Cream eyeliners: These eyeliners create clean lines and their blurred effects are immediately. Both gel and cream are easy to use, theyre very soft, so youve to review when you wish to achieve a strong color. When using these eyeliners it is important to use brushes.Recommendations:.-When using this type of eyeliners it is preferred to utilize eye bases so they adhere longer..-they have dual use because they may be used as eye shadow..-Wash brushes regularly.Compact eyeliners: These eyeliners are activated with water and provide many finishes. They are powdered versions and their success is based on the humidity theyve during the time of application. Recommendations:.-Uses brushes for a correct application.-If you break Mójalos with water and form a substance with them..-Its useful life is up to three years.How is the eyeliner used? For the application of eyeliner, first the application form is made in the top of eyelid, drawing a soft line very flush with the eyelashes. Have a pencil and mark first with this a few points just above the tabs, these will guide you in the road of the line youll proceed to mark.Marked the dots begins to draw the line on the eyelid, stretches the skin so youve more precision, starts tracing the line from the lacrimal outward connecting the points previously designed for marking, marking short and fast strokes for Get a standard line. Make sure to shake the eyeliner well to avoid lumps.


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