1001 Secrets on How To Become a Better Home Cook is a 400-page e-guidebook for understanding the complex skill and art of cooking. What a lot of people do not realize is that cooking is never a simple task–it is about understanding the ingredients, discovering the ways of heat transfer, the knowledge of which cookware to use, the planning of cooking methods for particular ingredients and the basic logic of how sanitation helps in cooking better. This book will help you improve your culinary skills, from picking the best produce to optimizing the full flavors of ingredients. What I have in store are all based off from my notes and my experience throughout my years as a chef, taught by my family, my ancestors and my mentors. It is high time that I pass on their knowledge to you through this book. It is not a recipe book per se, but what this book includes contains basics and guidelines on tackling recipes and cookbooks that you have in your collection. Through 1001 Secrets on How to Become a Better Home Cook, it will help you improve your skills and comprehension of the recipes that you want to try and even make it better than what the cookbook tells you to do. I am ver


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