Out with the old, in with the new. Our latest animation engine allows for more speed, more renders...and much higher quality animations. Consider this your V12 engine to endless creation. Say goodbye to wasting time — you can now preview your render before starting the process, ensuring it’s exactly up to your expectations, and way beyond. She’s a beauty, she really is. We completely overhauled the UI, designed for a seamless and integrated user experience unlike any other. Sometimes our users just sit there... and stare. We added even more templates, with now over 170 templates and 20+ bonus ones waiting for you on the other side. Whether you want to make your own business look like it belongs in the Fortune 500, or you want to sell animations to clients for the best hourly rate you’ve ever earned. HAT’s precisely the effect you need your videos to have. Because when you’re packing production like that, your videos do what you NEED them to do.


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