ironically. lsquo;Thatrsquo;s putting it mildly. She had no Blue Mens Adidas Superstar Supercolor Pack On Feet Trainersinsurance other than compulsory third party and the...tank she wasdriving survived virtually Darkgrey Unisex Adidas Superstar Supercolor On Feet Trainersunscathed.rsquo;lsquo;Tank?rsquo;Damien shrugged. lsquo;It might as well have been: a solid old four-wheel drive with bull bars.rsquo;This time Arthur winced visibly. lsquo;How did it happen?rsquo;lsquo;She swerved to avoid a dog then froze and couldnrsquo;t correct Gold Adidas Superstar Supercolor Pack Metal Toe On Feet Trainersthings untilit was too late.rsquo; Damien Wyatt drummed his fingers on his desk.lsquo;Was anyone hurt?rsquo;Damien looked at him, his expression sardonic. lsquo;The dog was retrieved byits owner completely unscathed. All she br


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