Meeting with different people and different people sometimes exalts a person. We are the creatures that can never catch the perfection within us, but are consuming their lives for the sake of their mistakes. Our mind is not even fully aware of what our brain is capable of. Man is always a reality. Saturation is a very different story. In human life, but in concrete world, everything is provable. The biggest difference is the difference. The human needs many things during his life.But the human being spent a large part of his life asleep. This is a very controversial situation. If we compare peoples sleeping time and working time, the picture that emerges is very grave. If we assume that we are 80 years old and we sleep 7 hours a day, we have spent 23 years of our lives in total How interesting is the human body now?Google Çeviride aç Geri bildirimGoogle Çeviri


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