burned much too brightly for the medieval atmosphere, Womens Dafslin 160mm Gold Glitter Platform Slingbackso Gwen decided to light some candles instead. She found a few and was searching for matches when lightning exploded in the courtyard and the power went out, plunging her into darkness.Gwen stood still for several heart-racing seconds while she waited for her eyes to adjust. Womens Dafsling Black Glitter 160mm Platform SlingbackBut before she could regain her bearings, someone grabbed her from behind and tied a blindfold over her eyes. Too stunned to react, Gwen was lifted off her feet and tossed onto the bed.―Jake! she cried out, hoping her husband was the one tying her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Womens Dafsling 160mm Nude Platform SlingbackJake, please tell me itlsquo;s you. She didnlsquo;t get an answer.Her captor tested her bonds, making sure they would hold her wi


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