What is FAT BURNER XL? Fat Burner XL is the First Four Step Thermogenic Muscle Preserving Fat Burner.FAT BURNER FIRST STEP - Losing weight is about getting your BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS to be and stay normal. To lose fat, your INSULIN LEVELS MUST DROP. The enzyme that removes body fat from fat cells is called HSL. HSL is sensitive to insulin levels. It functions when insulin levels are low, and is suppressed when insulin levels are high. If insulin is too high, even if you’re in a caloric deficit, HSL will not be signaled to function and you’ll be physically incapable of losing body fat! Fat BurnerFAT BURNER SECOND STEP - When you eat carbs, your body converts them into glucose—the sugar that serves as your body’s primary energy source. The hormone insulin helps move glucose into the cells. When you eat certain types of foods, (high in Sugar, i.e. candy, white bread etc..) your body must release more insulin, and high levels trigger your body to store excess glucose as fat rather than remove it through your urine. Because of this, FAT BURNER XL will help blood sugar levels to be steady and reduces the amount of insulin produced. Which Helps in fat loss. FAT BUNRER THIRD STEP - Get


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