A solid foundation is the key to having a structurally sound house or commercial property. While cosmetic cracks can occur anywhere, you must get these inspected to ensure they are simply cosmetic -- and if they arent, you must get the cause of the cracks fixed immediately. If you wait, the damage could become bad enough that repairs are no longer an option. The foundation repair experts at our San Antonio location will evaluate the problem thoroughly, give you the details about what is happening and why, and give you an estimate in writing. The good news is that most foundation issues turn out to be relatively minor. If the cracks indicate more than just cosmetic damage -- which we can fix, too -- the issues are usually along the lines of improving a drainage system or removing a tree with roots that are starting to affect the foundation.Keep an eye out for these signs if you want to stay on top of foundation problems in San Antonio: -Cracks forming in walls-Doors that become difficult to close or that suddenly cant be closed-Pipe leaks-Floors that take on a slight slant If your home rests on clay soil in the San Antonio area, it more than likely does because this type of soil is very common in the region then your home is especially susceptible to foundation problems due to the expanding and contracting nature of the clay soil. Terrible drainage around most homes in San Antonio is really common which helps to create many foundation problems which leads t major damage to your home and/or property. Its crucial that you call us for an FREE inspection if you think that something is going wrong. 


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