“Why, sometimes Ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in WonderlandMy career started with Alice like curiosity, wanting to do many things. Some people I met on the way told me, focus on one thing and many others said, learn to multi-task. Indeed, with a career in HR, one cannot succeed without knowing how to multitask.I started as HR Consultant, contributed to IT and FMCG Recruitment in Middle East countries, India, and found my true love in Content Marketing and LinkedIn profile writing.Being a technical creative at heart and soul, using colors​ and adding the same to others​ careers gives me a big high!✔ Recruiter and HR Professional✔ LinkedIn Profile Writer | LinkedIn SEO ✔ Content Marketing ✔ Blog Management ✔ Social Media Marketing✔ Resume Writing✔ Google and Facebook Advertising✔ E-Learning and Instructional Design✔ New Business development✔ Brand Management✔ Search Engine Optimization✔ Google Analytics✔ Google Webmaster Tools✔ Employee Relations✔ Training and Development✔ Communications and Marketing✔ Editorial Support✔ Wordpress Websites✔ SAP HR Module✔ Academic Writing


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