Painting your car is a time-consuming project. the job is best done by professionals. You could take more time, save some money but end up with a bad job. You will needwet-and-dry sandpaper, masking tape, an air compressor and a spray gun, paint thinners, face masks, safety glasses, topcoat acrylic, and clear-coat lacquer. A dust extractor, while not a must, will help keep the area clean. If you want to match the original color of your car, give the color code an auto paint shop. Use only quality paint. Do not cut costs.Mask up areas you do not want to paint using masking tape and plastic sheeting. Take the time to do a good job well to avoid ugly overspray. As with the primer, mix the paint with thinners using the recommended ratios on the paint can instructions. Apply the topcoat paint using similar spraying techniques. Each coat will take about 10 minutes to apply per panel and between 20 minutes to an hour for the paint to cure.Car respray Singapore.


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