In 1992 Pesantren al-Amanah officially established, and only in 1995 there was a santri who mukim. Since then we have worked together with State Madrasah Tsanawiyah. Morning school students at Madrasah Tsanawiyah, the rest they get education service from Pesantren al-Amanah. Time passed, slowly the concept of education that we offer began to appreciate, so now in 2007 the number of santri schools in Tsanawiyah more than 200 children. Evaluations continue to do, apart from the many benefits there are some weaknesses in this informal cooperation:There are some subjects that are taught double, school and boarding school. This obviously adds to the weight of the santri load.The association of santri with outsiders, who are often not the same in principle especially in discipline, language and morals.Difficulty boarding to monitor santri when in school.The existence of double financing, because santri must fulfill their obligations at two institutions.The policies of the two institutions, sometimes different to often misunderstandings.With some background, we Modern Pesantren al-Amanah decided to create a Tsanawiyah-level institution under the name Integrated Bilingual Jun


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