Essedi Line Carpieria srl was acquired in 2009 to support the rental car business. In fact, the car hire set up in 2004 had the need (given its strong development) to compensate for long and expensive times for the repair and maintenance of its cars, with a strong impact on costs and inefficiencies not only for the company itself but also for the end customers.At the beginning of 2009 it was proposed to the current director and owner of a car hire company to purchase the newly renovated bodywork with high quality machinery. From the end of 2009 to the present day, despite the great difficulties that Italian companies have had to face, Essedi Line Carpieria srl has managed to increase its turnover every year, doubling it in just five years. The work has not been at all simple but the company policy was and still is based on the TOTAL respect of the customer and its collaborators. This respect over the years has turned into trust


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