When it comes to visiting places like Florida, people take extreme pleasure in driving and a self-drive tour across Florida is an excellent way to take in the breath-taking sights.The city of Miami tends to be the top choice for people coming to visit Florida: and it’s pretty easy to see why. The location itself makes it quite tough to really “get” what is going on around you at all times; so instead, you can look at a self-drive experience that takes you from Miami through major spots like Orlando, Naples, Key Largo and then back to Miami.From the wonderful Gulf Coast to the Everglades Park, you can take in some of the most breath-taking and wonderful landmarks around and driving can be the best way to really “get” what makes Florida such an exceptional tourist destination. When it comes to fun, you want to go to Orland. The beaches here make for a relaxing experience in a little piece of paradise; and if you are looking for something a bit more exciting, head over to the amazing Disney World or Universal Studios parks: the perfect way to really have some fun. It’s all about being able to engage with the whole state, not just one city.


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