Toa Payoh Town Centre has drawn many visitors since it was turned into a commercial hub. It has an exciting atmosphere because, as with many shopping malls of the time, all commercial activities are concentrated along a single mall with high point blocks on either side and major department stores at each end. The shopping mall is actually L-shaped. There are two plazas, one with a branch library and cinema, the other with an area office and a post office. Each plaza has a department store at either end. Toa Payoh is now served by a huge bus interchange as well as a MRT station. Access to the town is easy. Residents can also take the buses to town for shopping or work. The town now has its own leisure facilities, restaurants, supermarkets, amenities and sports stadium. Singaporeans aspire to own a n apartment in this town as it is near the city. The town already is home to more than 250,000 people. Toa Payoh mrt station. Singapore oldest HDB town.


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