A translator is really a person whose job would be to translate texts from one language to a different, always in a written and never oral way, since because case he would be an interpreter. Translations have several areas where they may be exercised by the translation specialist, which we shall review below.• Literary translator• Technical Translator• Sworn translatorLegal or legal translator• Medical Translator• Translator Web pages• Marketing Translator• Audiovisual Translator• InterpretersA literary translator, is accountable for translating literary works, preserving the intention of the author. Any translation requires a fantastic familiarity with the origin and destination languages, in addition to understanding the sociocultural context in both languages.Poetry, rhetorical resources, humour, lyricism, subjective messages are some of the challenges of literary translation. The translation of novels, Tales, plays, poems or any text that is part of the literary activity, correspond to the scope of this type of translations. In case of a type of specialized translation, the best challenge is to help keep in the reader exactly the same effect thats in the original message, caused by a literary translation must inspire exactly the same force, include the same dynamic elements and transmit the Same aesthetic quality or equivalent quality as the initial text.The technical translation is one that works together the language of a particular field of knowledge, that is aimed at specialists or professionals, so it takes the use of specific terminology and precise linguistic uses. It will specialize in some kind of text or technique, rendering it much simpler to work. His specialty can be technological, scientific, financial, legal, websites, audiovisual, marketing, among others. It is a translator focusing on technical documents such as manuals, guides, patent cards, specifications, etc. A sworn translator is responsible to make accredited translations to grant legal validity of the contents of a file in another language. This professional of the translation is authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attest to the translation of any document in another language, this having its signature and stamp authenticates the contents of the document.A legal translator is considered to be always a professional responsible for translations of legal documents. This translation is quite complex because one must have knowledge of the legal concepts and the legal system of the nation where it is translated. The legal or legal translator will need to have familiarity with concepts, meaning in order to adapt and encompass everything within the legal context, making it accessible to his client.Within the medical translations, the role of the translator is especially based on translating in one language to some other the contents particularly employed by medical health personnel.Its a kind of activity totally indispensable for the progress of medical knowledge and communication in each and each of its variantsThe medical-pharmaceutical sector is a place in which translation plays a key role. The majority of publications, documents and communications are made in English, which makes it necessary the presence of specialized medical translators who are able to donate to disseminate the message internationally. The number of documents translating a medical translator, both in this kind of translation and in pharmaceutical translations, is very varied: test protocols, clinical and preclinical studies, drug prospects, articles for scientific journals, Translation of market studies and patent applications is also common, as well as advertising leaflets for patients and manuals on medical and surgical instrumentation.


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